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CliniMont Monaco Luxury Medical and Healthcare Travel 


CliniMont  is a Monegasque registered company. The essential element of the CliniMont‘s fame lies in our Tailor-Made Medical Tourisme Consultancy and Assistant Services in the heart of Monte-Carlo. CliniMont  has the Patent of Invention on Blockchain based Medical Tourism in Monaco. 

The ultimate luxury of the Monaco… Clinimont offers an intensely glamorous and enchanting programme. Our medical travel services allow clients to access a wide range of luxury skills and get essential guidance to give the best solution to their medical travel needs in the Principality of Monaco. CliniMont provides the user with medical travel packages that can be made according to his needs. CliniMont makes it is possible to book a visit from one of the doctors in Monaco or one of the specialists directly to Monaco and to choose the travel package in Monaco. 

Take your hobby to the next level with CliniMont‘s medical based luxury holidays. From exploring an smart city, to going on a luxury golfing excursion or taking a relaxing medical wellness break in Monaco, or VIP Medical Check-up Monaco, we’ll find the perfect holiday Monaco for you and for your family. When you book with CliniMont, your medical based luxury holidays will be tailored to exactly what you want to do, in the Principality of Monaco.

From medical   to  travel , Clinimont’s medical travel  takes you on an excursion through the Monegasque territory to discover its iconic landmarks, well-known establishments, and secret gems off the beaten path.


Plan for your medical trip

CliniMont medical travel agency is a pearl in Monaco‘s healthcare and tourism sector. Sometimes, when you are just one step away from making a medical travel choice, we help you come to a decision for your medical journey experience in MonacoFinding a Doctor, Hospital and Clinic, request an appointment, traveling for medical care and maintaining well-being are common challenges all over the world. Thanks to the best medical holiday experts, the highest quality of service, you can choose medical holiday at their best for you and for your family. They trust our judgement, because we know how to organise medical journey luxuriously, with good taste and pleasure.

Indulge yourself with the exclusive and innovative medical holiday journeys and rituals, in elegant and glamourour atmosphere in MonacoMonaco is a prestigious destination on the French Riviera, a place where you can dream, be amazed, have fun, and enjoy exclusive experiences to the full : Top luxury hotels and restaurants, choice activities, unforgettable experience, and major events… The company’s far-reaching relationships in the global medical tourism community, along with their unrivalled knowledge of the sector, ensures that we will always fulfill our client’s needs. A client-focused approach, attention to detail and passion for medical holiday has led to CliniMont becoming a leading medical travel consultant globally. 

Over the years we have accumulated professional medical travel experience and now proudly share it with you. We don’t just give you organisation service, we remember and preserve the heritage given to us by the luxury industry; this is what shapes our style and format. 


Idil Idiz

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Idil Idiz

Co-Founder, CEO

Master of Economy – MAE
( IAE Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis – France )
Master of Economy – MOPP
( Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis – France )
Bachelor of Economy – AES
( Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis – France )

Dr. Gizem Idiz

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Dr. Gizem Idiz


PhD Gestion /International Medıcal Tourism

Master of Law

Bachelor of Economy
(University of Cote d'Azur -France)

Tailored to suit your needs, CliniMont connects you to the community of luxury organisation your medical journey from creating a VIP package to simply organising medical travel ensuring your transfers are enjoyable and effortless in the Principality of Monaco. Because everybody is unique, a medical check-up at Monaco is a unique itinerary, designed to ensure optimal conditions of comfort and confidentiality at every stage of the procedure. CliniMont is a leader in the organization of medical based luxury travel. With over fifteen years of experience incubating tailor-made 5* luxury medical holidays, we specialize in creating your medical journey in the Monaco. Book your luxury Medical & Wellbeing Retreat Holiday in Monaco today !

Ten good reasons to choose CLINIMONT:

1. Personalized medical based luxury travel organisation service

2. Patent of Invention on Blockchain based Medical Tourism

3. Without waiting time

4. Best Quality / Price

5. A team of medical travel experts

6. Easy of medical travel organization with a single contact

7. Privacy and Security of Personal Data

8. Respect ethical and transparency rules

9. Our prestıgıous business partners

10. High technology

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