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Last Update: 25.11.2020

Welcome to the website of Clinimont located in MONACO. Thank you for using Clinimont’s services.

By using Clinimont services, you accept these general terms (“conditions”) unconditionally as a user (“user”). Consultation, navigation and use of the website www.clinimont.mc (the “website”) is subject to the unregistered acceptance of the general terms of use. Please read them carefully. Some of our services are subject to additional terms. There will be additional terms for the related services, and if you use them, these additional terms will form part of your agreement with Clinimont.


 The main purpose of Clinimont is to organize and develop all services directly or indirectly within the scope of medical tourism. Clinimont can collect information needed to organize your medical stay and communicate it to service providers who agree to cooperate with Clinimont.

Clinimont does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment to the user. Clinimont  does not advise the user of a particular health institution or health care provider (doctor). The user retains the freedom of his or her choice while making these choices. Clinimont does not offer medical service itself. The information on this site is not a substitute for communication between a patient/user and the health care provider/physician. Clinimont accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, lack, completeness, delivery or cost of the information provided on the website. Clinimont is solely responsible for its content intended for use on the Clinimont website.

However, Clinimont does not have to check external information transmitted or stored, or to check for information indicating illegal activity. Clinimont may give cross-references (these are called links) to content that have no influence on the website and other third-party websites (e.g. service providers, payment pages, travel agencies, transport agencies, health care facilities, accommodation, etc.). Only the owner or operator of the websites is responsible for the content of the linked sites. Clinimont accepts no responsibility for the links and websites of these other parties.  During its initial communication, Clinimont has checked these link websites for possible violations of the law and found that there was no obvious violation that could be discerned on the date it checked. However, Clinimont has no obligation to continuously investigate changes to its link sites. Therefore, the link sites are not constantly checked.

If users and/or service providers decide to conclude a contract, Clinimont does not interfere with the contractual relationship between the user and the service providers and has no effect on the conclusion or content of the contract. Clinimont does not accept any rights, obligations or liability to the user and the doctor in accordance with an agreement between the health institution/doctors (or any other third party service provider) and the user. Clinimont collects, stores and publishes information provided online and/or offline by health institutions and service providers. Even though Clinimont shows precision and care in providing the services of third party service providers, we cannot control and guarantee that all information provided is precise, complete or accurate.  Clinimont cannot be held responsible for incorrect, incomplete, misleading information or services provided by third party service providers(including typographical errors and manifest). Clinimont’s publication of third-party service providers on its website should not be considered as a recommendation or endorsement of the quality, level or qualification of service of any service provider.

A tailor-made Medical Tourisme Consultancy & Assistant Services What is Included ? The assistant will help you with all administrative formalities and organizational support: transport, transfer, accommodation, assurance .A tailor-made medical tourisme organisation which benefits from the expertise and facilities of the Clinimont,All in one place and at the same time, guaranteeing rapidity, punctuality, rigour, and a warm welcome.Your medical tourism journey is organized, in complete safety. The team offers you a VIP welcome, a high-quality comfort.Organisation of different appointments throughout the day, with minimum waiting times. Individual support.A personalized preliminary contact with an exceptional Health Center in Monaco. What is Not Included ın the package:Accommodation, Insurance(Travel insurance, Individual insurance, medical insurance…), Transfers (Private jet ,Helicopter ,Yacht ,Car ),Other meals, drinks, alcoholic drinks,Pre-Consultation and consultation with the doctor,The invoice according to the list of tests / consultations, recommended for your medical & paramedical care,Translator,Extras expenses,However extra organization can be arranged at a cost Clinimont makes no promises, guarantees or warranties regarding the services it provides except as expressly provided in these terms or in any additional terms.  Clinimont is solely responsible for simple negligence in the event of a breach of a significant contractual obligation. In the scenarios where the absence of any material and/or moral drawback that jeopardizes the achievement of the purpose of the contract is not present and the user properly fulfills its obligations, Clinimont fulfills its contractual obligations. However, the user’s claim for compensation in case of breach of material obligations due to simple negligence is limited to the foreseeable and typical damages for such contracts.

Intellectual Property Rights

 The brand, logo, domain name, text and content of the www.clinimont.mc website (except for third-party marks, logos and signs) are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights. The removal or use of these elements should be carried out in accordance with applicable legislation. Without the prior written permission of Clinimont , reproduction, alteration, transmission and distribution of text, content, brand and/or logo of Clinimont in any way is strictly prohibited. Any reproduction in whole or in part without the permission of the owner constitutes a criminal offense punishable by the courts of Monaco.

Obligations of the User

The general terms are intended to specify the terms of use of the website, which can be accessed at www.clinimont.mc. Access and navigation to www.clinimont.mc is subject to applicable regulations and the terms of use described in these legal notices. Consultation, navigation and use of the website www.clinimont.mc is subject to unregistered acceptance of the general terms of use.

Services of Clinimont are accessible to users aged 18 and over. The user must provide accurate and up-to-date information to Clinimont. The user must fulfill all obligations for the organization to take place (including the payment of the full cost before the travel takes place).

The user may use this website and the information contained therein for non-commercial purposes only. The user using the services is not licensed for intellectual property rights to the services and information provided by Clinimont. The user undertakes not to take any illegal action on this site or to engage in acts that violate human rights and the interests of third parties in general. The following are specifically prohibited: Persecution, harassment, defamation, discrimination, insult or communicating through any other content used to disseminate personal information or opinion about one or more people in any other way or violate human rights or the rights of minors. Correspondence should be polite in all cases and follow the basic rules of courtesy. Clinimont reserves the right to cancel and delete the resumed contract and to temporarily or permanently block the user’s account if the user violates the terms.

Clinimont cannot be held responsible for any user’s requests or choices and assumes no responsibility. It should be noted that information and data about the user are required to perform the services and to manage the organization. Clinimont is not liable for this matter. If the credentials of the user and the identification on the credit card on which the payment is made are the same, the user delivers the photocopy of the signed identification to Clinimont in person. In the event that the user’s credentials and identification on the credit card on which the payment is different, the user submits the photocopy of signed identification of the credit card holder used and each user’s photocopy of signed identification to Clinimont.

Protection of Personal Data

Clinimont takes all technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of the website www.clinimont.mc and to protect the privacy of personal information that may be provided online by its users.  Any personal information that Internet users may send to Clinimont for the use of certain services is subject to the provisions of Law no. 1165 of 23/12/1993 with the protection of personal information.

Your data is submitted to us only by you. Subject to applicable statutory provisions, you have the right to obtain, access, restrict, correct, delete, or process information about your personal data (excluding accounting, taxation, controlling information and documents which Clinimont reserves in accordance with its legal obligations) collected by Clinimont. For more information on Clinimont ‘s personal data policy, please read our personal data privacy policy or contact Clinimont for any questions you may have.


 Clinimont uses “cookie” tracking technology. Cookies do not allow the identification of anonymous users. The statistics provided by cookies allow us to know the activity level of our website and the most visited pages. These are necessary for the provision of our services and are intended solely to improve our services. This site uses Piwik Analytics, a behavioral analysis service. Any user may refuse the use of cookies by modifying their internet browser. However, this may affect your user experience. For more information on Clinimont’s personal data policy, please read our cookies policy or contact Clinimont for any questions you may have.

Terms of Payment

Services offered by Clinimont are chargeable. Clinimont only receives its own organizing service and payment for the “extra” part located on the site. Clinimont may give the user a link to a third-party payment provider named Mercanet (Banque BNP Paribas) so that the user can complete the payment. Only the owner or operator of the websites is responsible for the content of the linked sites. Before the transaction is completed, the full amount of charges incurred is displayed on the payment page. The user can review and edit the order data before clicking the “order” button. When the order is placed, the user receives an automatic confirmation email. If the user does not cancel the Clinimont appointment, a cancellation fee will be charged to the deposit made by the user. Cancellation fees will be shown on the payment page and confirmation email. Clinimont does not interfere with health care fees and does not charge itself.

Applicable Laws And Disputes

 Only Clinimont terms apply to the use of the Clinimont website and services used by the user. In the event of any inconsistency between the terms and additional terms applicable to certain services offered by Clinimont, the additional terms apply to the degree of inconsistency. The user’s general terms or similar regulations are explicitly rejected. These terms remain in effect until modified, updated or terminated by Clinimont. If the user does not comply with these conditions, user must immediately stop using the services and the user must terminate the user account. Clinimont reserves the right to change these terms or any additional conditions that apply to certain services offered by Clinimont. If conditions are changed, Clinimont will issue a notice of changes to the terms on this site. Changes shall not be applied retrospectively and shall take effect no later than fourteen (14) days after publication. However, changes to new functions for a service or changes made for legal reasons shall take effect immediately. If the user does not accept the changed terms of a service, user must stop using the services. The user has the right to terminate the contract within fourteen (14) days without giving any reason in written form (e.g. a letter, an e-mail). the period starts at the end of the contract. The user may exercise “the right of withdrawal” in standard form. The user has a reasonable debt for the services offered/provided at the explicit request of the user. The user is obliged to pay this debt for the services user has received before using his right of withdrawal.

Clinimont shall not be liable for force majeure as defined in the case-law of the courts of the Principality of Monaco and, in particular, if one of its obligations is prevented or postponed (such as natural disasters, fire, failure or interruption of the telecommunication network or electricity).

Each service requested by the user is subject to the laws and regulatory requirements applicable in the country in which the service is provided. These terms of use, the relationship between Clinimont and the website users are governed by the laws of the Principality of Monaco. Any dispute that fails to reach a friendly conclusion will be brought before the courts of the Principality of Monaco.

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