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Are there any fees for the consultation ?

No, the consultations are always free of charge (Only for Turkey). 

Is there a time limit for me to go through with my treatment plan and itinerary?

There is no time limit or deadline on your quote or treatment plan. You may decide to go through with the treatment at a time that best suits your needs.

How can these treatments cost so much less overseas?

Costs of living and doing business in other parts of the world are much lower, especially when calculating the conversion rates to local currency. This allows the hospitals and clinics to have much lower overhead including rent and labor costs. Also all of the administrative costs associated with insurance companies are taken out of the equation, which brings costs down even lower. Be assured however, lower costs do not equal a lower quality of treatment.

Is a security deposit required?

We do not require a security deposit, or any prepayments of any kind. Proof of purchase for your flight shows us your intent to carry through with your treatment plan.

Am I covered?

For more information on international insurance contact your insurance experts in your country. For more information, connect to the advice and services of Clinimont medical tourism experts.

Will I need to provide my own accommodations for lodging?

We have developed partnerships with some of the top hotels in the cities we are operating in. We will arrange your stay at one of our partner hotels, which are always a minimum of 4-Stars.If you request an hotel, Clinimont will help you to arange booking.

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Can I get a better price if I contact the clinic/hospital directly?
The prices of the treatments do not change in either case. We have negotiated our fees with our partner clinics and hospitals in Turkey, and they do not reflect any extra fees onto your treatment prices. The treatment prices are a flat rate and will not change.

Are your fees added to the cost of my procedure?
Our fees have been negotiated with our partner clinics and hospitals and do not reflect onto your prices.

Why is your service necessary? Why can’t I just contact the hospitals and clinics myself?
Our experience and contacts will make your process much smoother and safer. Our unparalleled knowledge of all things luxury means you can fully relax whilst enjoying some of our simple pleasures that we have to offer. We have carefully chosen our partners, from the clinics, hospitals, doctors and hotels that we work with. We have an open line of communication 24 hours a day with each partner through our platforms. We are able to streamline the process from beginning to end, and identify any issues as early as possible to avoid any major problems.

How is the quality of care in these countries?
We choose our partners very carefully and choose to only work with establishments that have a history of providing the utmost quality of care. All of our partners employ very highly rated, highly qualified and certified physicians and possess the latest technologies available for the treatments they provide. We conduct background checks to ensure the certification and qualification of the staff members, as well as any customer complaints and/or legal action that may have been brought against them.The facilities must be well maintained and up-to-date with all of the comforts to ensure that all patients are highly satisfied.

Will I have trouble communicating with the staff and/or doctors due to the language barrier?
A very large portion of the staff members employed by our partners are more than proficient in English, as well as several other languages. If the need ever does arise, we would be able to provide an interpreter to ensure that your needs are met.

Will I need to provide my medical information or history before traveling?
Although it is not always necessary, the more information that our doctors have will increase the chances of success without any side effects. It is advisable to inform our doctors of any existing conditions you may have or medications you are currently using.

When will my payment be due?

Your payment is due at the clinic/hospital of your choice, on the day of your procedure.

Do I make my payment to Clinimont Medical Travel Agency in Monaco ?

Clinimont does not take any payments from patients.


What forms of payment are accepted?
The types of accepted payment may differ with each different clinic/hospital. However, acceptable types of payments include cash, credit/debit cards and bank transfers.

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